Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Stop smoking weed: DAY 2

It's now Wednesday the 2nd and I have relapsed.

Last night I had a bit of a fall out with the misses. I used this as an opportunity to get some weed and get stoned for the first time in almost 4 days. The longest time i've gone without smoking weed in 16 years.

I must say though, I could have left it there without touching it as the 'love' I had for weed smoking has definitely diminished. The THC levels in my body have depleted (a bit!) and I feel like I can achieve a lot more now. Time management skills have improved and I don't keep finding myself standing in a room thinking "What the F+?~ am I even looking for anyway?". That's an hour saved every day. I lost months to that shit man........

Digressing somewhat, the second day of my giving up went very well. No clucking for a joint, no moodiness and to be honest, I thought to myself i'd cracked it. Ridiculous, I know, But I felt very positive that It would carry on being that easy.

Then came day two without smoking weed. Woke up with a banging headache after one of the strangest dreams i've ever had before.

As soon as I got up I felt jittery and agitated and could see myself being a little snappy and a bit moody so decided to get out of the house and try to focus on my mission to stop smoking weed by going fishing. Not something I do much, but in a naturalistic kind of way, it's very peaceful experience. The whole world just kind of dissapears for a few hours giving you the opportunity to use your thinking time a little better....
Caught some good fish too.... (Anyone care??)

I came home with renewed enthusiasm to stop smoking weed for good that night. The headaches were, however, still there. It's like someone has placed a big bit of wood in the front half of my head. I never slept a wink that night and my brain felt like a smouldering circuit-board when day three started.

I must say ,at this point, that I believe everyone has the potential to stop smoking weed or to beat any other addiction they mave have providing that they stay focused and really want to achieve their goal. Much as in life itself. Still that's another debate, isn't it?

So, were at day 4/5 now. I bought an henry last night and am smoking it now. I feel stupid for getting it in the first place but am reluctant to just throw away a perfectly good bit of Harry. Makes a change to get a decent bit without any shit on it!

This may sound like a kop-out but I feel as though I have done the hardest part by stopping for 4 days. As I said before, the THC levels in my body have been the lowest they've been in years. Does that mean that I will be able to smoke this bag of weed without it building up in me enough to make me mentally/physically addicted to smoking weed again?? I think it does.

Any thoughts???


p.s to the guy that left a comment on my first post, I checked out the link you gave for the Canabbis Coach. Looks good. Could you tell us some more about it please? Is it worth the money?